At Classic Contours we are best known for our classic car panel work, be it making repair panels or repairing and building complete car bodies.

With our wide-range of traditional skills we can make almost anything out of sheet metal – why not consider us for making something for your industry…?

We have a fully equipped modern workshop in the county with a wide selection of tools and welding equipment. We can form beautiful curved shapes in aluminium or steel, just like those used in vintage and classic cars, but maybe for non motor-related products. We can fold, shrink and stretch sheet metal to form complex shapes, all to the highest standards.

Our team include ex-Aston Martin panel beaters and our own technical director, Rick Beasley, learned his panel making skills working for the Ministry of Defence many years ago – his lips are sealed as to what he made for them!

Sometimes it seems as if your project is a non-starter. Maybe you want to create a shape that is too complicated to press or you only need five of something which does not warrant high tooling costs? Whatever the challenge our methods and techniques lend themselves to making small quantities or one offs – maybe we can help you develop your ideas and make them a reality?

To discuss your requirements contact Rich.

Telephone 07882 470015 or e-mail
Classic Contours