At Classic Contours we pride ourselves on being open minded and diverse in our taste of older cars – this means we like ‘Hot Rodding’ as well as restoring cars. To show how much we are into 'rodding' we have set-up our own rod brand: Hot Wings.

When we say Hot Rodding we really mean the original way of modifying cars, as pioneered during late1940s America.  I guess another part of this definition is that we prefer to make our cars out of metal as opposed to glass reinforced plastic – not that we frown upon this more widespread construction method.

Pictured on these pages are some of the cars that we have been working on recently – watch this space for regular updates.

1940 Ford ˝ ton pick-up
This car spent many years in an Eastern State of the USA before being imported into Britain. Its now of course been heavily modified and is now powered by a 351 Ford V8 and sounds very nice too!

Close-ups of some the work we have been asked to do (NB: we have only carried out these smaller jobs, we can’t take any credit for the rest of the work)

We have been asked to make some rear wings (using some new Morris Minor rear wings that the owner provided with the truck) to fit the rear bed and to make-up and fit matching running boards – all out of steel.  These pictures show the early stages, we still have a lot of finishing work to do on them.

1934 Ford ‘3 window’ coupe
This particular car has a new reproduction chassis and a GRP body.  We have been asked to make up some aluminum panels for the car to make it look more like a traditional metal shell.  With open bonnet sides and ‘fender less’ it should look like an authentic early fifties racer…

Ford Pop
Built for drag racing this car has been evolving over the last 20years and we were asked to make some quick-release rear ‘fenders’ (wings) out of aluminum.  A very quick and purposeful car!

Hot Wings – new panel range
We recognise that one of the most iconic street rods seen in the UK on regular basis is the good old Ford Pop.  We’ve owned both ‘sit-up-and-beg’ 103E and the later 100E types between us; in fact Rick still has a Fordson Van which will be hitting the road soon we hope. We’ve found that during any Ford Pop rod building project the first stages of the body build is really more akin to traditional ‘restoration’.

To make life easier we have come up with our own range of steel repair panels for all of the popular ‘rot spots’ on these 103E Pops. We are also making new front and rear wings in you choice of steel or aluminium, standard width or flared to your liking… Check out the link at the bottom of this page…

For panel images and prices click here.

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